The T3 has a built in center punch to break a
vehicle window and gain entry. It also boasts a seatbelt cutter to free a patient from the
confines of the vehicle. The blunt tipped seatbelt cutter doubles as a clothes cutting device to reveal hidden injuries. Last but not least a super bright LED light to assess the patient’s pupils for potentially life threatening shock or help brighten the view of your patient in poor lighting conditions.

• 440c Stainless steel serrated blade
• 440c Stainless steel seatbelt cutter
• Spring-loaded window punch
• LED light for emergency light
• Heavy duty nylon sheath

StatGear T3 TACTICAL - אולר חילוץ משולב פנס ושובר חלונות קפיצי

מק"ט: T3AUTO
270.00 ₪מחיר