Rubber Training Knives
  • The TKN Training Knives are a Specialty Made Training Tool, Made to Perfectly Simulate the use of a Commando Knife During Training while Minimalizing the Risk of a Training Injury.


    • Flexible Rubber Knives
    • Ideal for 'Krav Maga' Self Defense Training
    • Allows Complete Realistic Attack Scenarios/Maneuvers
    • Provides Optimal Learning Experience
    • Available in Three Colors: Red, Blue and Black
    • Also Available in Hard Polymer Version for Knife Disarming Practice (please specify upon order)


Weight 120 gr
Width 57 mm
Height 26 mm
Length 300 mm

סכין אימון גומי/פלסטיק תוצרת הארץ

50.00 ₪מחיר