The multi-purpose knife with a high performance blade

Its short and sharp blade will be an essential in your kitchen to slice and peel fruits and vegetable and to trim meat.

The wooden handle will offer a touch of rustic to your kitchen.


Blade length - 8 cm

Acier Inoxydable X50CrMoV15 - Martensitic stainless steel with high hardness due to the addition of nitrogen (0.15%) and superior corrosion resistance due to a high chromium content (16%).

Handle - Beech is the most commonly used wood for the manufacture of Opinel handles. From France, our beech is hard, durable and easy to work. With a homogeneous appearance, its light color varies from yellow to pink. It is characterized by the presence of numerous small dark dashes.

N°126 Paring Knife Parallèle - סכין קילוף

מק"ט: N°126
56.00 ₪מחיר