A pocket saw with an efficient 18cm blade which cuts branches effortlessly.

Perfect for your garden, this tool is also usefull during outdoor activities, it turns out to be very handy and efficient.

Saw N°18 is equipped with a safe hook and a blade which can be replaced easily in case of wear.


Blade length - 18 cm

Carbon steel with anti-corrosion coating - Carbon steel blade with anti-corrosion coating guaranteeing both excellent cutting quality and protection against corrosion.

Saw blade - Two rows of razor-sharp teeth turned towards the handle. Effortless cutting achieved simply by puling.

Handle - Beech is the most commonly used wood for the manufacture of Opinel handles. From France, our beech is hard, durable and easy to work. With a homogeneous appearance, its light color varies from yellow to pink. It is characterized by the presence of numerous small dark dashes.

N°18 Saw - מסור 18

מק"ט: N°18 Saw
263.00 ₪מחיר